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Eliminate facial wrinkles

Skin Rejuvenation by Lift:

Since the process of collagen degradation in the skin is over 30 years of age, the skin begins to wrinkle, the skin begins to wrinkle, numerous wrinkles appear on the skin and the so-called skin aging begins, the skin rejuvenates. It loses itself, becomes loose, and provides grounds for skin rashes.

There are several techniques to stimulate collagen production in the skin, one of which is the implantation of PDO yarn into the skin. PDO yarns are polydexone absorbable yarns, which usually take between 6-6 months to fully absorb. During this time, PDO yarns stimulate collagen production by stimulating fibroblast cells, rejuvenating the skin, reducing or eliminating wrinkles and lessening the firmness of the skin, thus delaying the aging process of the skin.

Another type of PDO yarns is coke yarns, which cut through the surface to produce a rough and prickly surface. When the yarn is implanted in the skin and by pulling the yarn, the thorns are stuck in the layers of the skin, causing it to drop. Are peeling. These yarns do not have any special effects and at least for one year remove and rejuvenate the skin and should be repeated after one year of planting. PDO yarns are available in different sizes and diameters, depending on the length and diameter of the different areas of the face.

Simple PDo yarns can be used throughout the face and neck to reduce or eliminate existing wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin. These include the forehead, frown lines, cheeks, jaw line, wrinkles around the eyes, laughter, and neck.

Crochet yarns are most commonly used to eliminate facial lacerations, especially lower limbs, cheeks, cheekbones, hoarseness, choking, neck lacerations, nose piercings and also to raise eyebrows. If rejuvenated and lifted yarns are implanted by a qualified physician at the appropriate depth, they can easily collagen at least five years younger by two months with collagenization.

PDO yarns are implanted in the dermal layer when used for rejuvenation and lifting, but if the purpose of the above yarns is to reduce volume, they must be implanted in the sub-dermal tissue, thereby reducing fat content by increasing fat metabolism. And the fat becomes subspecies. PDO yarn implantation has no side effects and requires two weeks of proper care after implantation, so the patient should lie down in the arch, avoid any facial massage and severe facial movements such as severe laughter and shower for 24 to 48 hours. Avoid getting, doing makeup and exercising.

The above yarn implantation does not require an operating room and is simply done with a local anesthesia or injection of anesthetic material into the yarn or facial nerve areas and the yarns are implanted.

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