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Mesotherapy is a completely new and advanced treatment that is being added to the therapeutic function of the body. Mesotherapy is actually a topical treatment that is done right in the middle layer of the skin, which is the mesoderm layer, and has a greater therapeutic effect than general and systemic treatment. This method has been increasingly welcomed by physicians and practitioners, due to its much faster response to other therapies such as oral medications and its low side effects due to its very low drug use and its topical effects.
The technique was first developed in France in the year 6 by Dr. Michael Pistor. Three years later, the first mesotherapy community was formed in the world, and since then, the technique has made many advances and modern mesotherapy has emerged today. Mesotherapy has been recognized as an integral part of traditional medicine by the French National Academy of Medicine for years. Every day, thousands of doctors around the world are using mesotherapy to help patients.

Mesotherapy function
As you age, your blood circulation to the skin decreases and the ability to remove toxins from your skin decreases due to lack of oxygen and nutrients. These can cause premature skin aging and thus make the skin look tired. Mesotherapy can treat the symptoms of skin aging and prevent these symptoms. It can also help rejuvenate the skin and make your face look more natural to others. Mesotherapy is a non-surgical treatment in the field of cosmetic medicine, and in fact the use of low doses with repeated injections in the area is desired. There are two main groups of substances used in mesotherapy that are: 1-Vitamins 2-Amino acids 2-Nucleic Acids 2-Hyaluronic Acid 2-Minerals. The very small drug pellets enter directly into the dermis (the middle layer of the skin). This layer of skin has very special healing properties.
If you have previously injected botox or gel or applied other treatments to your skin, mesotherapy can suppress these treatments in a surprising way and improve the texture and color of your skin. Other treatments can remove wrinkles and fine lines and restore lost volume, but mesotherapy nourishes the skin and makes it younger.

The following groups should not use mesotherapy
4. Pregnant women
ـ Cardiovascular Diseases
3. People with advanced cancers.
Those with a history of allergies and allergies to specific medications.
People who use anticoagulants (they are more likely to develop hematoma and bleeding).
Diabetic people, especially those who have uncontrolled diabetes (because they have low levels of immunity and may develop severe infections).
3. People with neuropathy.
3. Persons suffering from psoriasis.

Benefits of Mesotherapy
Reduced pigmentation
Removes dry skin
Overall skin rejuvenation
Rejuvenation of face and neck
Fix wrinkles and fine lines
Treatment of sunburn injuries
Improves the complexion and brightens the skin
Treat skin types safely and safely
Increase skin tightness and improve elasticity and elasticity of the skin
Complications of mesotherapy
All treatments have side effects. The side effects of mesotherapy are very rare. The most common complication for mesotherapy is the sensitivity to the drug used. In general, the complications of mesotherapy are divided into short and long term ones.
Some complications resolve after a short time and are usually unstable and not a serious hazard. Symptoms may occur after mesotherapy: swelling, redness, itching, bruising, dizziness, feeling sick, pain and even infection at the injection site. Infection can occur, however, if the injection is not carried out in a sterile environment with proper disinfection.
Other side effects may include lifelong scarring (excess meat or scar) in people who are susceptible to overfeeding, but general complications of mesotherapy are rare, as treatment is limited to the use of low doses.

Longevity and Influence of Mesotherapy Results

The first year after mesotherapy requires more treatment sessions and maintenance. Depending on the type of treatment, one to two treatment sessions should be considered within the first 2 to 3 weeks and a treatment session should be held once every three months to maintain and maintain results. When the desired results are achieved, the effect is long-lasting but depends on the patient’s lifestyle and individual factors. Healthy lifestyles with a balanced diet, regular exercise, and drinking plenty of water help increase the effects of the results. This procedure is completely safe and painless if performed in professional clinics by experienced physicians. Of course, to use meso (medicines), be sure to have approval from the Iranian Ministry of Health (having a product processing code on meso packaging) or FDA (such as CE) approvals, because not having these approvals for unclear content. These medicines and the potential for side effects for the patient are very successful and this has led to a growing popularity in the world, and in our country in particular.

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