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Rejuvenation and facial lift with yarn

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Rejuvenation and facial lift with yarn

Lift with yarn
Yarn lifting is one of the delicate cosmetic treatments in which the facial skin is stretched gently to achieve a smoother and younger looking skin and to counteract the effects of gravity and aging.

The effects of facial lift with a less invasive alternative to facial lift surgery are to rejuvenate the face without imposing side effects associated with younger and more successful surgery. The recovery period for lifting without facial surgery is very short and this does not disrupt the patient’s life process.

The cosmetic specialist in yarn lifts the yarn into the underlying skin without making a cut on the surface of the skin to enhance and maintain the loose and fallen areas of the face. Of course, the results of lifting and removing facial skin are not the same as a full face lift surgery, however, it is a good way to rejuvenate the face that gives more subtle results.

The yarn is absorbable from protein. Experience has shown that the facial skin becomes sharper after two months and the structure of the skin becomes stronger due to the strengthening of blood flow due to the thread. That is, the yarn lift from the third month after collagenization prevents further skin loss and creates a secondary lift like PDO yarn over time.

How long is the lifespan of the yarn?
It is one to three years if one does not attend yarn strengthening and repair sessions. But for someone who visits one to four times a year (depending on the skin conditions of the individual and the member, for example, the nose due to fewer movement sessions), the lift is permanently lifted.

That is, for example, facial lift without at least a few drops per year should be added to aid lifting to limit the three-year lift life.
If you do not renew your face and nose after three years, it will eventually look like the first day and, unlike superstars, it will never get worse but it will always stay better than the first day by stimulating collagen and tightening the skin.

Face lift with yarn
Face lift with yarn
Lifting of the face with absorbable yarn is performed under local anesthesia and outpatient within less than 1 minute. Most patients tolerate facial lifting with yarn and are often surprised by the shortness of operation and ease of operation.

The doctor inserts the lifting thread with a fine needle deep under the skin. Lifting with yarn does not require any cutting or stitching. There is no scratch on the skin.

The face is swollen and sometimes bruised immediately after the lift is completed. The side effects of lifting the yarn can be eliminated after a few days. Some patients experience anesthesia with mild treatment or pain that can be resolved by taking painkillers.

The cosmetic doctor recommends that the patient rest during postoperative recovery and lift the head while sleeping to recover more quickly if swelling occurs.

Types of lifting yarn
The latest trend in fiber-to-fiber talk is the tendency to use PDO or poly-dioxane yarns that are absorbed by the skin after a few months. During this time, the absorption process stimulates and increases collagen production over a period of about 6 months, and its effects typically last 5 years.
Mono yarns are smooth, thornless yarns. To create the effect of tightening the skin, many of these yarns are placed under the skin with a netting. The collagen build-up around the yarns begins to improve the firmness and firmness of the skin.

The areas most often treated include neck lines, neck skin, forehead and under the eyes. Usually at least between 1 and 2 mono strands are inserted in each treatment area. Mono yarns tend to stiffen the skin but do not have a significant effect on the lift, so it should be used in conjunction with thorny threads to improve overall skin firmness and rejuvenation.

Face lifting and tanning with silhouette (silhouette)
Silhouette facial lift allows the face to be 10-15 years younger without major surgery, no anesthesia, no hospitalization and no long recovery time.
Silhouette yarn lifting is a technique performed with local anesthesia in less than 1-2 hours in the office. The yarn is sent to the target through a small 1cm cut from the hairs.
Silhouette is a cotton fiber made from propylene, a bio-friendly material that has been used in cardiovascular and eye surgery for many years.
During this thread a number of nodes are embedded which are located at the intervals of the nodes with cones. The silhouette itself cannot be absorbed, but the cones are gradually absorbed over a period of 10 to 12 months, during which they stimulate the subcutaneous tissue reaction to produce collagen and fibrotic bands.
This yarn is American and approved by the World Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The results vary depending on the age of the patient, the amount of skin loss, and the number of yarns used but lasts up to 6 years on average, after which the yarns can be stretched and stiffened again or sutured with new yarns. .
Aside from the beauty uses of silhouette yarn, it is used to treat facial irregularities due to stroke or facial nerve palsy.

Silhouette yarn is one of the two leading yarns in the world that has been used in beauty for 18 years.
Silhouette yarn is fully absorbent and made of body-compatible materials and has for many years passed its beauty test.
Has US FDA and Ministry of Health license.

Used for face lift, nosebleeds, eyebrows, etc.

Since yarn is made of lactic acid compounds, shelf life is at least one year and collagen shelf life is three years.
It requires the least amount of post-lift care.

The best option for those who are looking for a long-lasting therapeutic effect on beauty, those who are tired of lower back, laughter, sad lines, those whose face shape has changed due to weight loss and whose skin is loose, those who like Without surgery and heavy costs, their faces will look prettier and at least 10 years younger.

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