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Acupuncture & Beauty Clinic of Dr Manouchehr ghadimi
Address : Mulla Sadra, North Shirazi, opposite the Sepah Bank
Narges Alley, Papeli Building, 2nd Floor

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Electroacupuncture services at Diane Physiotherapy Clinic
What is Electroacupuncture ?? Electroacupuncture is one of the new methods of physiotherapy that was first used in the year 6 by French specialists to relieve pain.

In this method, the electrical current is transmitted through the needle to the points identified by the physiotherapist to the area of ​​interest and helps reduce pain and improve the disease.

Electrical stimulation applied by electro-acupuncture is controllable, reproducible, and has variable parameters.

Changing the parameters can have more significant therapeutic effects depending on the type and severity of pain.

What is Electroacupuncture
This treatment, which is widely used in physiotherapy today, can be effective in relieving pain in various organs such as the back, neck, joints and bones.

This acupuncture-based treatment uses needles that penetrate superficially into some parts of the body and use laser-based inactivation in other areas.

The therapeutic effects of this method are based on stimulation of the muscular ergospore.

Ergorsceptors are also stimulated by strenuous muscle activity and stimulation of these receptors releases natural painkillers such as endorphin and enkephalin (neurotransmitters) in the body.

This mechanism effectively helps relieve musculoskeletal pain.

Low-frequency electroacupuncture (up to 1 Hz) releases beta-endorphins in the brainstem and releases methane cephalin at the spinal cord surface.

High-frequency stimulation (1-2 Hz) also releases dinorphins partially at the spinal cord surface.

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