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Microniding with EPN

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Microniding with EPN

What is Microniding?
The most effective method of skin rejuvenation

Percutaneous Collagen Induction Therapy, also known as collagen stimulation therapy, or PCI, is a mechanical stimulation technique to repair structural damage to the skin that results in damaged and modified tissue.
The goal of this treatment is to improve the appearance and function of the skin.

Millions of microchannels are created in the epidermis and dermis during the microneedling process (skin rejuvenation) using tiny needles.

Introducing needles into the skin increases the release of growth factors from fibroblasts, blood platelets, and improves the function of alpha and beta growth factors. This process results in increased production of collagen and elastin by fibroblasts. Keratinocytes also migrate to the epidermis at the epidermis where they proliferate, thereby increasing the thickness of the epidermis.

In this method, the penetration of the needle into the skin should be so as to cause subtle pin-point bleeding.
In microdialysis, the epidermis is pierced but not destroyed, so the epithelial is restored in a short time and as a result will be much shorter after recovering.

Advantages of Micronideling Technique:
Reduce the risk of skin scarring
Applicable for different skin types
Rapid closure of established channels and low risk
Short recovery
Increase the thickness of the epidermis
Increased growth factors, collagen, elastin

Microniding or Drum Therapy:
Micronideling is a method used by a device called a drum machine, and the cartridge for each individual contains multiple needles ranging from 12 to 42.
It has adjustable speed and depth of penetration for each face area.
After numbing the skin with a cream, the needles anesthetically penetrate into the epidermis layer with gentle, gentle blows, destroying the damaged collagen and stimulating the skin’s fibroblasts to produce elastin and collagen.

Therapeutic results:

Thickening of thin skin
Lifting and tightening of the skin
Destruction of stains
Eliminate boiling places
Loss of skin pits
Treatment of blackhead pimples
Retraction of open skin pores
Fixing darkness and dimple under the eyes
Nideling is one of the appropriate methods for the treatment of acne scars that in certain cases can be replaced by peeling, microdermabrasion and laser.

In this method, penetrating the needle deep into the skin stimulates the synthesis of collagen and induces an inflammatory response to the repair of the lesions, hence the term “collagen stimulation”.

• In this technique, the skin surface is not damaged and the underlying layers undergo changes that result from the changes in the skin. The scars are filled and the roughness is somewhat leveled.

The important advantage of this technique is that unlike peeling or laser, it does not cause pigmentation changes in the skin.

• Recovery time is much shorter than other methods and this method can be repeated.

Micronutilation is a relatively new method, with excellent results in rejuvenation, eliminating acne and scarring, curing stains, shrinking and removing large pores of the skin, reducing the thickness of obesity strains (skin cracks).
It is also used to treat hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth.
In this way, using dermapen, millions of fine channels are created on the surface of the skin and by releasing a variety of mediators from the damaged tissue, the skin stimulates collagen buildup and regeneration, and the activated cell cycle and new tissue replaces the damaged tissue. Is.
To increase the effectiveness of microdeletion, we use a variety of mesotherapy drugs as well as PRP with nideling and increase the therapeutic response.
Usually depending on the type of skin requirement and the gender of each skin, sessions are repeated between three to six sessions, with intervals of one to two months.

Microdeleting and its application in skin beauty and rejuvenation:
In fact, the main task of microdeleting is to activate the collagen of the skin, which is that they create fine holes on the skin with the microdilution device, which has fine needles that penetrate the deep layer of skin that is the dermis. This stimulates skin clasping, which is effective for repairing the skin and removing cavities and cracks.
The good thing about the microdeleting technique is that unlike other methods such as laser, it does not cause much damage to the surface layer of the skin and has little side effects.
It’s also interesting to know that in micronidation we can also incorporate vitamins or other substances that influence collagen production. These include hyaluronic acid, a combination of copper and vitamin C and vitamin E.

Treatment of white scars: Burning scars can make the skin scar.
Reinforcement of skin firmness: If the needle is removed early in the skin aging process, it will reinforce skin firmness for another few years.
Treatment of fine wrinkles
Tighten loose skin in the abdomen and arms of the elderly
Treatment of open skin openings
Lighten the blemishes on the skin
Stimulate hair growth and growth in the scalp
Micronideling is an easy, affordable and painless way to make your skin beautiful and refreshed
Microdeleting prohibitions:
Infection, warts, cancer, solar keratosis. In these cases, burning causes the above complications to spread.
Active acne or active herpes in the skin

In our case with anticoagulants such as warfarin, heparin, and the use of spirulina .These can cause severe bleeding. Therefore, they should be discontinued with the help of a specialist physician prior to surgery. Aspirin should be discontinued three days before surgery.
High intake of corticosteroids, chemotherapy or radiation
Uncontrolled diabetes
Benefits of Microdating:
One of the most important benefits of micronideling (skin rejuvenation) is that it uses the body’s own natural healing process to treat skin function and structure.
After microdialysis, the appearance of the skin is quickly restored and one can easily carry out their daily activities.
Skin healing is noticeable within a short period of time after treatment with micronideling.
In the microneedling method, unlike most skin treatments, the epidermis is only repaired and not damaged (in the first case we see damage to the laser that may lead to melasma and staining and even colloid and scarring).
Micronideling is painless and bleeding without any side effects.
Micronideling is more cost effective than other treatments.
Because of the rapid closure of the pores, the possibility of infection in the microdialysis method is very rare.
The skin healing is fully visible shortly after treatment and as time goes on due to the more complete collagenization process, the applicant will see even better results.
This technique can be applied to all patients of any skin color and has a low cost and high recovery rate. This can be done after laser therapy. Its safety is higher than other methods.

Microdeleting Effects:
Removal of various scars including: Wounds, Acne, Burns, Surgery
Stretch Mark Skin Orange Skin
Eliminate wrinkles, laughter and deep wrinkles
Removes stain and darkening of the skin (melasma)
Prevents drooling and removes skin loosening
Collagenization and activation of collagen-producing cells
Eliminate open skin openings

Benefits of Microdating:
Suitable for all skin types, especially for thin and sensitive skin

Suitable for under-eye skin suitable for dark skin

No recovering in the least amount of time

What is the mechanism of the effect of microneedling?
The mechanism of the effect of microdialysis is to create microscopic and microscopic lesions at zero and one at the surface of the skin with a defined depth. By improving the structure of the former collagen and forming new collagen and connective tissue.

This device is:

Different scars caused by scars or acne
Stains from the sun and aging
Skin loosening
Stretch marks caused by obesity
The darkness and dimple of my eyes
Open skin pores
Black head pimples
Hair loss
it is affect.

Is There A Way To Increase The Effect Of Micronideling?
The answer is yes.

Using this device by applying mesotherapy cocktails multiplies the effectiveness of this treatment because it multiplies the absorption of the drug and destroys old and damaged cells by creating micrometer pores between the cell clones. Become new and young.

The use of PRP during microdialysis has a miraculous effect, especially to eliminate scarring, pregnancy spots and sun spots and aging.

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