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Why our clinic ?
Acupuncture & Beauty Clinic of Dr. Manouchehr Ghadimi

It is the first and only company that has been able to provide all its services with the latest technology and advanced equipment that meets the highest standards approved by the Iranian Ministry of Health and FDA standards. We hope you take this opportunity to gain beauty and health as well as value your aspirations and expectations in order to promote dignity and confidence. Dr. Manouchehr-Ghadimi is a professional beauty clinic proud to provide you with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic methods of cosmetic medical knowledge and the use of the most modern equipment to make skin and beauty youthful and lively. Respectfully kept up to date with the latest methods and methods of cosmetic medical knowledge, carefully and delicately presented. The Medical Specialist Clinic’s medical team and Dr. Manouchehr Ghadimi  hold periodic conferences with the aim of getting to know the dearest audiences about cosmetic medicine and the services the clinic provides. Dear friends, you are invited to attend these conferences and join us.

Why our clinic ?

Some of the beauty services of Dr Manouchehr Ghadimi clinic Skin Rejuvenation

Acupuncture and Beauty Dr. Manouchehr Ghadimi clinic of services list:

Acupuncture, laser-acupuncture
2. Injection of gel and botox
2- Rejuvenation and facial lift with yarn
1- EyeBrow lift
Plasma BT including blepharoplasty, shrinking of the nose, removing wrinkles and facial rejuvenation, removing scarring and scarring and pimples
Photodynamic therapy – for facial rejuvenation
2. Mesotherapy and micronutrition with EPN

Clinic Honors and Certifications: