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Profilo Gel Injection

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Profilo Gel

Profilo Gel
Many people begin to see signs of aging in fine lines, wrinkles and diminished skin after they reach the age of 8 and begin to lose significant amounts of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Usually such people will think about taking care of their skin. As a result, they will look for ways to prevent their skin from aging. There are several ways to make skin younger. In addition to fat injection, gel injections can also be used for beauty purposes. There are numerous articles published on the site about fat injection. In this article, one of the newest cosmetic methods is the injection of Profelillo gel. Join us to choose the perfect beauty treatment for you.

One of the most popular and perhaps the most recent is cosmetic gel. Profilo is a great option for such people. Because it enhances the volume and hydration of the entire skin, giving it a younger overall look. Skin fillers are a good option if you want to increase the volume of certain areas of your skin.

What is Profilo?
Profilo is the first hyaluronic acid stabilized to be introduced without the use of BDDE chemical agents in the cross-linking chemical bonding process by IBSA, a highly accredited pharmaceutical company in the field of hyaluronic acid (HA) production. (BDDE free) that complies with US FDA 2ppm> BDDE standards.

Hybraic acid is a highly purified Ibsa company. Produced with the exclusive right by the bacterial fermentation process, Streptococcus zoopidemicus, the highest quality in the world ranking. Prophylaxis dramatically improves the quality and treatment of skin tissue. Especially in challenging areas of the skin it acts as a complement to cosmetic treatments and skin treatments. (For example, this product is perfectly integrated with adipose tissue for injection in different areas)

It is a safe, effective product and a real and significant advancement in the medical field to combat the aging process.

A revolutionary profile in beauty with “Profilo”
Profafilo is not really a therapeutic application, it is not just an exaggerated volume. In fact, a very beautiful and natural shaping happens. Although not very bulky, it has a very strong lift due to its unique technology.

Profofilo is known worldwide as a Bioremodeling product. Only hyaluronic acid is a hybrid technology that allows high concentrations of hyaluronic acid to be injected into the deep layers of the skin so that the skin itself can be absorbed according to its needs, and this is the unique profile that gives rise to Fine lift without enlarging volume and high durability. Stimulates collagen type 2 and type 2 production. In high risk areas such as the neck can be easily injected.

What is the molecular structure of Profafilo?
Generally, Profilo is produced by creating a stable and proprietary hybrid by a specific method and by a heat treatment. Using this new proprietary technology, a combination of 1 mg high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (between 1–2 kDa) and 1 mg low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (1–2 kDa) has been developed. So, the concentration of hyaluronic acid in a prophylactic syringe reached 2 mg. This concentration has never been possible before. The patient is then injected with a high and low concentration of hyaluronic acid in a stable molecule.

As a result, the effect of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid on the hydration epidermis (HYDRO) can be expected. High molecular weight hyaluronic acid works simultaneously on the skin’s dermis (Hydrolift®). Or, in other words, Profilo not only for fine lines and facial wrinkles but also for the treatment (regeneration) and repair of the skin (BioRemodeling Skin) Laxity).

Profilo effects?
Long-lasting effect: The complex composition of the profile makes high molecular weight hyaluronic acid up to 5x more resistant to degradation.

Low viscosity: The low viscosity of Profilo makes this hyaluronic acid injectable with needle gage ۲۹. This also reduces the pain of the injection. The distribution of hyaluronic acid in the skin also improves.

Slow release: Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid slowly dissociates from the profile. As a result, there is little inflammation.

High compatibility: High molecular weight hyaluronic acid is not bound by chemical agents so it is highly compatible with the skin.

Profilo applications
Shell kills the skin so it is also used in medium arm shells.
Two ccs of the profile cover the entire face in 2 points
People with wrinkles under the eyes are the best option.
How to inject Profofilo
Profilo is injected at 2 points on each side of the face. These spots, designated by the manufacturer in collaboration with a number of dermatologists, are known as Bio Aesthetic Points, or BAP. Biological beauty sites have the property that they are important away from the nerves and veins and have the highest amount of hyaluronic acid release. At each point, two-tenths of a cc is injected into the deep dermis. The injection is made with a needle-piercing needle, which results in less pain for the patient.

Horizontal vertical line from the middle of the pupil 1) Tragus: Beyond the lower part of the tragus (1) Chin: The intersection of the horizontal vertical line from the middle of the chin and the horizontal line from the upper 1/4 of the same line / 2cm to the corner of the lip; 2) Mandibular angle: One centimeter above the mandibular angle of the profile
Frequency injections of Profilo
The number of injections varies for different individuals. The number of times an injection of a prophylactic gel is determined by the doctor and for each individual. But generally one person should be given twice a month for one injection. People with high skin laxity and very young need three times the last three months of the last injection.
What are the implications for skin injections?
Prophylactic injection not only reduces the process of atrophy caused by aging in these areas and makes the cheeks and subspecies more prominent. It also improves the appearance of the whole face, enhances the firmness and flexibility of the skin, enhances the transparency of the skin. It also reduces superficial wrinkles and even deep wrinkles such as the nasolabial fold.


Side Effects of Injection
The side effects of a prophylactic gel injection are very small. Because hyaluronic acid is well tolerated by the skin. In some cases, bruising and swelling can occur in the injection site. If bruising occurs, its shelf life is very short and will quickly disappear.

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