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Laser echocontraction

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Laser echocontraction

Laser laser therapy is a non-invasive treatment that is used to prevent and treat many diseases and disorders.
This treatment is completely uncomplicated and the drug is not used.

The power of these lasers is between 1 and 2 milliwatts.

For various treatments such as tissue repair and types of wounds, pain relief, internal organs treatment, anti-inflammatory effect, prevention of hair loss. Stimulate acupuncture points, use in beauty and many other uses.

Different types of low power lasers are used for treatment, one of which is acupuncture laser.

Laser treatment of acupuncture is the same as acupuncture laser in that acupuncture points are used instead of needles.

Acupuncture laser can be a complementary treatment along with acupuncture or an independent method.

This treatment is used for many people and is not age-restricted, for example for people who have needle phobia or children.

The question that arises is is the use of low power lasers painful?

The answer is no, these lasers are completely pain-free and heat-free and do not cause any discomfort during treatment. Therefore, this method is highly recommended for children and, most importantly, it is completely safe without complications if trained by a specialist.

Depending on the laser power, anywhere in the acupuncture laser can be spun for 1 to 2 seconds,

The molecules of the body absorb the laser light and at this time there are various types of low power laser that are used in the clinic. Eco laser, Nidel laser, sublingual laser and blood laser etc. have different applications.

Each of these devices has its own frequencies used for various therapies.

For example, the frequency of allergies, heart, liver, knees, etc. The number of treatment sessions depends on the type of illness and disorder and varies from person to person, but in general the individual will see signs of improvement in the initial sessions.

Another use of interstitial laser or blood laser in the category of low power lasers is the effect on slimming and weight loss, as the laser enters the body through very thin needles and through the bloodstream causes healing and Improves various disorders. Increasing metabolism and eliminating fats can lead to weight loss and weight loss.

In general, acupuncture laser treatment is used differently depending on the type of disease and the patient’s age, and more treatment sessions are needed in chronic diseases.

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