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Gel and Filler Injection

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Gel or Filler Injection

Gel or Filler Injection
Injections of gel or hydroponic acid can be used as a skin filler to improve skin consistency and cure skin sores caused by wounds, scars or deep lines.
Gel injections are used to enlarge the lips, cheeks and chin

Facial lines that can be corrected with hydroponic acid include:
The frown line between the eyebrows (Glabellar Lines)
Vertical lines around the mouth usually in smokers (Perioral Lines)
Corner Lines (Marionette Lines)
Front lines
Skin wounds
Eye wrinkles (periorbital Lines)
A line that connects to the corner of the mouth from the nose (Nasolabial Furrows)
Chin troughs and cheeks
Clear and bulky lips
Scars and acne
Some facial wounds
Gel and Filler Injection
Gel and Filler Injection

Acid Hydroponic Acid Gel Injection:
Young and healthy skin contains a lot of moist and natural material called hyaluronic acid. Over time, sunlight and other factors can reduce the amount of this substance in the skin.
The natural structure of the hyaluronic acid molecule is very similar to sponge. Its primary function is to absorb water, which increases the volume of the skin. As such, hyaluronic acid can be considered as an internal moisturizer for the skin. With age, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases and wrinkles appear.

Fillers can be returned to the skin using hyaluronic acid fillers.

It is necessary to explain that the gels or fillers used today are all hydroponic acid and are absorbed over time, and the effects of old gels that are permanent, made of synthetic materials, move out of place after a while They don’t have bullets.
Laughter line is the line that reaches from the nose to the mouth. Most people who want to inject gel want to have a deeper smile line.

Variation and highlighting of lips with gel and filler injections
Another line that can be corrected from the gel is a line drawn down the corner of the mouth. These lines sometimes make the skin look loose. Over time, due to the frequent contraction of the lips, vertical lines appear around the lips. However, environmental factors such as exposure to good light, smoking and stress also contribute to the emergence of these lines.
Another common use of fillers and gel injections is to lubricate and highlight. Lips and cheeks play a huge role in facial beauty and nowadays people can easily use fillers to highlight the cheeks or the so-called cheek and lip implant.
Gel injections are an outpatient procedure that can be performed with local anesthesia in the clinic. Up to 24 hours after the injection, the patient should avoid strenuous physical activity and not be exposed to heat or excessive sunlight. A slight pain, redness and swelling will appear that will not be disturbed and will be resolved. Cold compresses will help reduce swelling of the injected area.
Given that the new gels are of high quality and have been licensed from relevant regulatory agencies, such as the US Food and Drug Administration, the injection of these gels is usually not a major complication.

Side effects of gel or filler injection
Treatment with hyaluronic acid gel is generally well tolerated and has no side effects.
Pain is minimized during injection using topical anesthesia. After treatment, the treatment may be swollen, red, and painful, usually healing within a few days. Allergies to hyaluronic acid are very rare.
The injection site may be slightly bruised, red, or swollen, usually resolving within a few days.

Medical Considerations Gel or Filler Injection

The effect of injection of hyaluronic acid gel begins immediately after injection and is completed within a week, another advantage of this rapid return to operation.
The hydroponic acid gel will gradually degrade and absorb after injection. In most cases, the gel lasts between six to eighteen months and treatment should be repeated if needed.
Acidialaluronic acid gel is not contraindicated and all people can have it if needed and allergies to it are very rare.

Care to inject gel or filler
After the gel injection, no special care is needed and no rest is needed and the person immediately returns to daily living.
Nowadays three different types of skin fillers are used to tighten the face of the applicants, which are temporary and semi-permanent.

Fillers and gels based on hyaluronic acid have temporary effects, while filler injections with other fillers can produce longer results.

Types of skin gels and fillers

Collagen is a natural protein-containing substance that strengthens and strengthens the skin’s structure. Collagen was the first filler to be marketed, but the introduction of hyaluronic acid diminished the popularity of the gel.

Hydroponic acid
Like collagen, hyaluronic acid is also a natural substance that can be used to fill and bulk up tissues.

Calcium deposits
This filler is heavier and denser than hyaluronic acid and is injected into deeper layers under the skin. Due to the presence of this substance in the bones, injection of calcium hydroxyapatite usually does not have an immune response or an allergic reaction.


Fillers are materials that are injected to remove troughs or creases in any area of the body, as well as to increase the volume and shape of different areas, especially the face, for greater beauty. Fillers may be normal, such as fat extracted from the patient’s body and injected into the area where needed, or may be as hydroponic acid fillers.

Artificial fillers are divided into three categories: permanent, semi-permanent and temporary.

Permanent fillers are less well received due to their high morbidity. Temporary fillers are short-lived and have a shelf life of at most one to two months. However, semi-permanent fillers are short-lived because they are not as short-lived as permanent fillers and have high complications like permanent fillers and have received much attention and attention. They have created a revolution in the field of beauty and their durability can vary from months to years.

The most common semi-permanent fillers can be hyaluronic acid gels with a shelf life of four to twelve months, calcium hydroxyapatite with a shelf life of 15-24 months and poly-lactic acid fillers with a shelf life of 24 months.

The most widely used gels in the world are hyaluronic acid gels, and the most important reason is that these gels have the lowest sensitivity and on the one hand the consumer wants to eliminate it. Completely destroyed within hours to two weeks. The shelf life of hyaluronic gels varies depending on the gel concentration, the size of the gel particles, the depth of injection, and the gel brand on the one hand and the level of metabolism and lifestyle of the individual varies from 4 to 6 months, but most of the aesthetic books of these gels last between 4-5 months. They have mentioned 6 months.

Complications of filler injection:

Complications of filler injection are divided into general categories of early and late complications.

Premature complications

Early complications mainly include bruising, swelling, pain and usually disappear within a few days, but one of the most important and relatively dangerous complications is early ischemia, which is not common because of intravenous gel injection or excessive pressure injection of gel. The arteries and arteries in the area can block blood flow and, although left unnoticed by the injecting physician, can lead to necrosis of the area, but if the therapist is paying close attention to the subject at the time of injection, even if ischemia is easily tolerated, Massage or enzyme therapy if needed.

The most important thing for clients to keep in mind is to promptly inform their physician of any discoloration of the injection site, particularly whitening or a combination of white and red in the injection site.

Late complications

The second category of complications of filler injection are late complications that can be nodules, granulomas, fibrosis around the gels and even abscesses, which are not common and may occur several months after injection, all of which are treatable.

Application of fillers

The most important applications of fillers in beauty of jaw angle shaping, cheek shaping and volume, filling of laughter lines, shouting lines, cavities and under eye burns analysis, lip shaping and volume and chin formation.

Since hydroponic acid gels are gradually absorbed. For longer shelf life, it is recommended to inject smaller amounts once every six months compared to the initial injection as a touch-up to offset the deficiency caused by the amount of gel absorbed during this period.

The most important contraindications to gel injection are:

Pregnancy, infection or injury to the site, bleeding disorders, regional eczema, diabetes and other uncontrolled chronic diseases, a history of filler sensitivity, and a recent history of Rattan use.

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